Flower Centerpieces

Because floral centerpieces are the focal point of the table at many celebrations, creating a stunning table centerpiece should be at the top of your priority list of decorative elements. Loose, natural bouquets, or a grouping of smaller bouquets are options for this floral must-have.

Floral centerpieces come in a range of heights and widths. If your event space has a high ceilings and calls for glamour, try using tall glass vases with cascading flowers. The extra height allows for dinner conversation while imparting a dramatic effect. If your event is more subdued, a square vase with a tight bunch of flowers is a great option.

Your event space and overall mood will dictate the types of flower centerpieces you place on your tables. An experienced florist will review these factors with you during a consultation. They will then take the lead in creating the perfect floral centerpieces for your party!

Flower Centerpieces by State

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