Halloween Party Planning Checklist

Looking for tips on how to plan a Halloween party? Create a Halloween party planning checklist to ensure your Halloween celebrations have all of the necessities! Once you’ve planned your October fun with family and friends, review the checklist to make sure you’ve covered all the Halloween party basics.
Here are the essential Halloween party checklist items to help you get started with your planning:

  • Date: Pick the perfect date for your Halloween party. Check with friends and family before you finalize the details!

  • Guests and Atmosphere: Make a list of guests for your Halloween party. Plan a sophisticated Halloween party for adults or organize a family fun night for the kids. Make the party complete with Halloween costume contests and lots of candy. Hire a local band or DJ to play music and entertain guests throughout the party.

  • Invitations: Plan a specific party theme or a classic Halloween party. Browse the selection of Halloween digital invitations on Punchbowl for the perfect design to complement your theme. Choose invitations with ghosts for a spooky haunted house themed party. Select invitations with pumpkins for a kids themed party.  

  • Food and Drink: Serve delicious food and drinks to your Halloween party guests. Plan simple appetizers, drinks, and, of course, candy. Decide what drinks to serve based on the guests. Mix cocktails and punch for adult-themed Halloween parties. Serve lemonade, juice, and other non-alcoholic beverages for a kids party. Label the drinks with creative Halloween names. Make a red punch and name it “Vampire Blood.” Make green jello and call it “Monster Slime.” Create a “Worms in Mud” dessert for the kids with chocolate pudding, crushed oreo cookie pieces, and gummy worms. Stockpile a variety of candy. Include various options such as chocolate, gummy candy, and sugary candy.

  • Decorations: Choose spectacular decorations to accent your Halloween party theme. Decide whether you will create the Halloween party decorations yourself or purchase them from your local party store. Choose a spooky haunted house theme for the party. Add decorations such as ghosts, mummies in bandages, and gravestones to your checklist for planning a Halloween party. Rent a fog machine from your local party store to add to the haunted house effect. Create a spider’s lair with cotton cobwebs and pipe cleaner spiders. Time will be limited on the day of the party due to food and drink preparation and socializing so make sure you decorate a day or two in advance.
Follow these Halloween party planning guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to a great Halloween celebration. Remember to always plan ahead!
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