Plan a Carefree Olaf Birthday for Summer

You probably know Olaf as the lovable snowman from Disney’s Frozen. If Olaf is your child’s favorite character from the movie, plan a carefree Olaf birthday party!

Punchbowl offers exclusive online invitations for Disney-themed parties, including Frozen! Simply choose this summer-inspired Olaf online invitation to get started. It features a sunshine-loving Olaf in a whimsical, tropical setting. A matching beach-inspired envelope liner and stamp make this free Olaf invite a unique way to delight guests and add some Disney magic to your event!

Free Olaf Frozen Online Invitation

Customize this summery invite with the guest of honor’s name, party date, time, location, and any other details your guest will want to know. Once it’s just right, you can quickly and conveniently share your invitations via email or social media.

After sending your Olaf party invitations, focus on the party essentials to bring the theme to life. Here are some light-hearted ideas to add some magic to your Olaf birthday party:

  • Hold a Hula Hoop Contest: Get everyone moving with a spirited hula hoop contest! Play favorite songs from the Frozen soundtrack while guests hula hoop their hearts out. Who ever keeps theirs in motion the longest wins a prize.
  • Serve a Picnic Lunch: Transport guests to a day at the beach with the perfect picnic lunch. Set up an area with a soft beach blanket and picnic baskets full of summery finger foods. PB&J sandwiches, vegetable sticks with dressing to dip, pasta salads, and fresh fruit are all easy to prepare — and healthy!
  • Create an Ice Cream Buffet: Cool off with a delicious ice cream buffet! On a long table or counter, set out several flavors of ice cream. Provide plenty of serve-yourself toppings such as sprinkles, hot fudge, cherries, fruit, marshmallows and more. Let guests create their own ice cream creations as a sweet way to end the party.

Create your free Disney online invitation, and start planningyourparty today!

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