Host a Black Tie Oscar Party

Roll out the red carpet and grab the popcorn, it's time for an Oscar party! Get ready for Hollywood's biggest night and start planning your Academy Awards party. Host a formal black tie Oscar party for your friends so you look as fabulous as everyone on the red carpet, then watch in anticipation as winners walk away with the coveted golden statues.
Here are a few ideas for to set the mood for this glitzy Academy Awards party:
  • Set up a red carpet to lead your guests from the front door to the Oscar watch party area. Serve champagne at the door to set the tone.
  • Ask guests to wear black tie attire. They'll love an excuse to dress up!
  • Make sure that there is plenty of comfortable seating and that all of your guests will have a clear view of the television.
  • Supply all the guests with faux jewels, feather boas, and fancy cocktails to reflect the Hollywood glamour and styles you'll see on television.
  • Serve a delicious array of top-notch appetizers like mini quiche, scallops wrapped in bacon, and shrimp cocktail. Or, ask guests to bring an appetizer each, perhaps with a nominated movie theme for each one!
  • Organize an Oscar pool! Create a scorecard listing all of the categories and nominees and have your guests make their picks for who they think will be the lucky winners. After the show is over, tally up the results and pass out a prize to the winner.
Your Oscar cocktail party will be a hit and friends will be admiring all of your Academy Awards party ideas for weeks to come!
Ready to plan your own Oscars party? Get started with one of our favorite Oscars party invitations!
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