Host a Personalized Milestone Birthday

When a milestone birthday rolls around, start planning the perfect party! Whether it’s a Sweet 16 or a momentous 50th birthday, celebrate it in style. From personalized invitations to table decorations and everything in between, customize it for the guest of honor. They will appreciate all the time and effort it took to plan a party to celebrate their special day.

personalized milestone birthday party

Here are a few ideas to host a personalized milestone birthday party:

  • Favors: Choose favors that tie into the party’s theme with color, message, package, and presentation. Everyone loves edible favors like cookies, lollipops, or better yet – chocolate candies from My M&M’s!  If you’re having a themed party, try to tie the favor into that. For example, a deck of playing cards could be the favor at a “casino night” themed party, or colorful sunglass at a beach party.
  • Invitations: Free online invitations are the perfect way to invite guests to a milestone birthday party. Unlike traditional paper invitations, you can completely customize the text and design to suit the theme of the party. It’s a great way to give guests a sneak peek into the party’s theme, as well as get them excited for the big day. Use specific wording to let people know it’s a big year for the guest! Choose phrases like “Let’s celebrate Mary’s Sweet 16!” and “Come to Barry’s 50th Birthday Bash!” to set the tone.
  • Table Decorations: To create custom table decorations for the milestone birthday party, choose complementary colors that fit the tone. Your grandmother’s 80th birthday party might have a subdued palette of pink and peach, while a Sweet 16 might be vibrant in bright purples and greens. Further personalize the decorations and incorporate photos as part of the centerpiece. Baby photos or photos from different stages of life are always a fun touch – and a conversation starter!

Personalize the guest of honor’s milestone birthday for a memorable event. Get started now! Order personalized candies from My M&M’s and send a matching free online invitation to celebrate the occasion!

free online invitation birthday

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