Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Prepare for the holidays and start to think about Hanukkah gifts for family and friends. Follow the tradition of gelt-giving, which evolved into Hanukkah gift-giving. In past times, children were awarded gelt as prizes for correct answers to questions related to Judaism.

Here are a few Hanukkah gift ideas to get you started:

  • Men: Purchase tickets to an upcoming sports game as a perfect Hanukkah present for a man or older teen. Pick the game based on his favorite sports team. Give him a team shirt and hat to complement the sports tickets. For a surprise, reveal the tickets as the last part of the present.
  • Women: Shop for pieces of jewelry as thoughtful Chanukkah presents for women or older teens. Select a piece of jewelry with the recipient’s birth stone or choose an item in simple gold or silver. Ask her to pick a few favorite pieces in advance of Hanukkah and surprise her with your final choice.
  • Children: Choose gifts for Hanukkah for children based on their age. Select unisex toys for toddlers such as blocks, puzzles, construction sets, and educational videos. Purchase toys for older children based on their individual interests.

Select Chanukah gifts for family and friends based on their age, gender, and preferences. Ask what they would like in advance of Hanukkah or surprise them during your Hanukkah party with thoughtful gifts from the heart.

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