Edible Easter Craft: Jelly Bean Bracelets

 It is almost impossible not to think of jelly beans when you think of Easter! A great Easter activity for kids is to make jelly bean bracelets! They are colorful, easy to make, and the best part about them is that they are edible! Since jelly bean bags come with so many jelly beans, kids can make multiple bracelets in many colors and stack them on their wrists.
 You can help the kids make their jelly bean bracelets, or if they're old enough you can set them up on their own.
 Here's what you'll need:
  •  Thick needle (the “T” head needle used for quilting works well)
  •  Thin regular sewing needle
  •  Fishing line
  •  Jelly beans - the more colors the better!
 Use the thicker needle to poke a hole through the jelly beans. Thread the thinner needle with the fishing line and bring it through the hole. Continue to thread the jelly beans through the holes. Kids may choose to create a pattern with their colors or be more sporadic with their color choices. This is a great project to let the kids' creativity and individuality shine through.
 Note: It's probably a good idea for the parent to poke the holes through the jelly beans regardless of the age of the kids as it can sometimes be tricky.
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