Birthday Gifts that Give Back

The next time you are invited to celebrate the birthday of a close friend or family member, think about choosing birthday gifts that give back. There are many ways to support awesome charities and organizations when you go to purchase a present. Here are some ideas for finding gifts that give back.

A growing trend in birthday parties is for hosts to ask for birthday donations in lieu of material gifts. They may specify a particular cause that they want to support and the best way to celebrate their special day is to honor these requests. Take the amount that you were planning on spending on your gift and instead donate it to the charity of their choice. If the organization is local, you can also make an effort to learn more and see if there are available volunteer opportunities or other ways to contribute.

If the host does not specify a “no gifts” preference, you can still purchase gifts that give to charity. Instead of heading straight for your nearest department store or mega toy warehouse, shop around to find items that promise a portion of their proceeds to a great cause. Organizations such as UNICEF and the World Wildlife Fund have online shops with a large selection of cool items. There is no shortage of gift options that promise to pay it forward. Birthday present shopping can still be a way to both have fun and do some good!

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