40th Birthday Gifts for Tech-Lovers

Do you know someone with a 40th birthday coming up? Need some ideas for finding that perfect 40th birthday gift that they will love? There are so many great gadgets and gizmos these days that make life easier (and fun too)! Just be creative and focus on the needs and wants of the tech-lover in your life so that you can find the perfect 40th birthday gift. Here are some gift ideas for a 40th birthday based on the birthday boy or girl's interests:

  • The Book Lover:  A perfect 40th birthday gift idea for a techie who loves to read is an eBook. Electronic books or books on tape are great for someone who loves to read, but is always on the go. If you want to spend a little more money, opt for a Kindle or a Nook. These devices allow the user to store hundreds of books, news journals, and magazines to read anytime, anywhere!
  • The Music Enthusiast: A 40th birthday gift for a music lover can be anything involving music. With so many music gadgets on the market, you can’t go wrong. If you know that they travel a lot on a plane, buy noise-canceling headphones. This way they can listen to their favorite music without any disruptions. Gift cards may seem impersonal, but if you know your tech-lover downloads music often, a gift card to Amazon or iTunes is always appreciated. Another gift idea is a subscription to a music service like Pandora or Rhapsody.
  • The Picture-Taker: Does your tech-lover like to capture memories on film or video? Give them a gift that will enhance their passion. Things like digital cameras, HD video cameras, or video recorders are great. If you don’t want to get them a big-ticket item, consider tech gadgets or accessories like digital picture frames, memory cards, or a photo quality printer.
  • The Workout Fanatic: For someone who loves to be active—either running, hiking or at the gym—there are lots of tech presents that match his or her lifestyle perfectly. Tracking devices are great for someone who likes to run or bike outdoors, because they can track routes, mileage, and even calories burned. Similar gadgets are designed for people who workout at a gym that enable the user to track their daily calories burned during their workouts.

Whether your tech-lover is into music, reading, pictures, or being active, there is a tech present perfect for their 40th birthday.  Consider the recipient's lifestyle and what type of gift they will enjoy and this will guarantee that they will love and appreciate whatever you decide to gift them!

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