100th Birthday Party Ideas

 Plan a 100th birthday party and organize a special celebration for a deserving individual. Plan the 100th birthday ideas carefully for such an important milestone. Keep in mind who the guest of honor is, and what makes him or her happy. Tell classic stories about the individual. Talk about the birthday guy or gal’s interests or hobbies, and say what sets the individual apart from the rest. Use these personality markers to develop perfect entertainment ideas for a 100th birthday party.
 Get inspired by these 100th birthday party ideas:
  • Invitations: Create your event on Punchbowl and select the perfect 100th birthday party invitations for the party. Search for an invitation that suits the personality of the guest of honor. Make sure to specify the 100th milestone birthday to all of the recipients. Include a request on the invitation for guests to think of a memorable story involving the guest of honor to share during the party. Send the invitations 4-6 weeks before the party.
  • Decorations: Plan to decorate the residence or venue with 100th birthday party decorations. Include signs that say, “Happy 100th Birthday,” and framed pictures of the guest of honor through all of the stages of his or her life. Decorate the tables with beautiful china, sterling silver flatware, and colorful chargers. Place the flatware on decorative cloth napkins that complement the color of the chargers.
  • Cake: Visit your local bakery to purchase a cake for the 100th birthday party, or get creative and make one yourself. Consider a marble cake, or half chocolate on one side and half vanilla on the other. Choose a design that represents a hobby of the birthday guy or gal, or decorate the cake with a simple design and “Happy 100th Birthday,” message written on the top.
  • Entertainment: Plan the entertainment and make sure you have the appropriate 100th birthday party supplies in tow. Bring a number of photographs to the party and hold a contest to see who can guess the location, year, and relevance of each photo, and give away prizes to the most knowledgeable guest. For another idea, get in touch with close family members and friends and ask them to prepare a short speech before the day of the party. Ask each speaker to come up with a funny anecdote or touching memory, and have them speak intermittently throughout the birthday party.
 Remember, this day is about the birthday guy or gal, and anything you do to make him or her feel special will be just the right 100th birthday present!
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