Christmas Party Games

Kids aren’t the only ones who can have fun—there are many adult Christmas party games that can spice up your holiday party this year! If you are having people over and need some ideas for Christmas party games for groups, check out the list below for some suggestions.
Get inspired by these games for Christmas parties:
  • Christmas Bingo: Before guests arrive, create bingo cards with funny things related to Christmas in each of the grid boxes. Some examples are:
    • “Never finishes shopping before Christmas Eve”
    • “Has a good chance to end up with some coal in that stocking”
    • “Hates eggnog”
    • “Knows the ingredients for figgy pudding”
    • “Has stepped foot in an actual manger”
    • “Bought a new outfit for tonight’s party”
    • “Knows the words to any Christmas carol and would be willing to sing it right now”

To start the game, the bingo caller will pick statements one by one out of the pile and any guest who can answer “yes” to the question can cover up that square. The first person to connect five in a row gets a prize!

  • Gift Wrapping Challenge: What about some Christmas party games for adults that will help you be productive with your holiday planning, too? While there are no guarantees that the finished products will be usable by normal standards, holding a one-handed gift wrapping competition will be a lively activity at your holiday party and may even help you get some of your work done!
  • Christmas Pinata: Finding group Christmas party games that everybody is sure to enjoy can be tough, but this idea will certainly bring back fond childhood memories for all of your guests. Pinatas aren’t limited to kids’ birthday parties any longer! It is now easy to find one in the shape of an ornament or reindeer. Fill yours with holiday candy and small toys and let your guests swing away (just be careful not to knock over the Christmas tree!)
  • Big Mitts, Little Kisses: If you’re looking for funny Christmas party games to try, this is a great variation on a relay race that will bring lots of laughs. Divide guests into two teams and set up two bowls of Hershey’s Kisses on opposite sides of a table. When the race is started, one member from each team will put on a pair of large over-sized mittens and unwrap one of the tiny candies as quickly as possible. Once they’ve eaten their sweet treat, they can pass the mittens on to the next team member in line. Whichever team can complete the task the fastest wins!
These adult Christmas party games will be a hit at your holiday celebration! Enjoy these activities with great food, drinks, company, and conversation to throw a memorable party that everyone will love. Kickoff your celebration with one of our FREE Christmas party invitations!

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